America Recycles Day an Opportunity to Increase Recycling Efforts and Habits

Recycling continues to grow in the Hoosier state. The Governor’s Office says in 2015, the statewide recycling rate was 12%. In 2020, that number grew to 20%. Additionally, Indiana diverted more than one million tons of recyclables from landfills in 2020. Paper and cardboard represented the largest amount, followed by glass.  Governor Eric Holcomb issued a proclamation declaring November 15 America Recycles Day in the State of Indiana. In partnership with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), the Proclamation recognizes the 24th America Recycles Day, which is a nationally recognized day for businesses, government agencies, and individuals to consider the importance of recycling. A news release said more than half of Indiana’s waste goes to landfills or incinerators instead of being recycled, and America Recycles Day is an opportunity for Hoosiers to increase their recycling efforts and commit to reducing waste, making recycling an everyday habit, and buying recycled products.

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Click here for a copy of Governor Holcomb’s proclamation.