Beach Cleaning Robot Joins Volunteers in Removing Litter

A day that included over 300 volunteers, an eight-person dive team, and a beach cleaning robot has left Lake Tahoe free of nearly two tons of litter — 3,450 pounds of litter removed from Lake Tahoe beaches in California during the League to Save Lake Tahoe annual event earlier this month. At Nevada Beach, several volunteers and a beach cleaning robot combed through similar size areas. Volunteers found and removed 30 small litter items, while the robot found 300. Overall, this year there was less heavy trash like coolers, lawn chairs and floaties, replaced by smaller garbage. This year, volunteers removed 2,500 cigarette butts and over 4,000 bits of plastic. That can’t be said for Zephyr Shoals this year, the beach riddled with over 2,700 pounds of cans, shoes, towels, and beach chairs.