Center Twp Man Accused of Murdering His Wife Sentenced

The Center Township man who continually alleges an intruder broke-in and shot his wife to death in their home while she lay in bed, was sentenced on Friday.  The Times is reporting that Porter Superior Court Judge Bill Alexa, turned down Steven Lindsey’s claim of innocence, sentencing him to 55 years.  Court reports say the judge’s decision was influenced by conflicting evidence revealed during Lindsey’s trial, including telephone calls by Lindsey to police and to a company holding a $1.1 million life insurance policy on his wife, Melinda Lindsey.  After a false start and one hung jury, a jury in March, found Lindsey guilty, according to the article.

Waiving his right to comment before being sentenced, Steven Lindsey told Judge Alexa that he plans to appeal, according to the article.   The murder victim’s family and supporters, who filled one side of the courtroom during sentencing, also did not comment.