Community Cancer Research Foundation Offers Access for Local Women to National Breast Cancer Study

The Community Cancer Research Foundation through the hospitals of Community Healthcare System is enrolling women in a new study offered by the National Cancer Institute. The Tomosynthesis Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial seeks to compare two types of digital mammography, 2D and 3D, for breast cancer screening. It also looks at whether certain women should have their screening mammograms annually or every two years. Researchers are enrolling healthy women, ages 45 to 74, who are already planning to get routine mammograms. To date, more than 22,000 women across the United States have been enrolled in the trial which is planning for 164-thousand participants nationwide.  Mammography trial screenings are currently taking place at St. Mary Medical Center’s Women’s Diagnostic Center in Hobart. The study is being coordinated through the Community Cancer Research Foundation by dedicated fellowship-trained breast radiologist Mary Nicholson, MD. For a listing of active clinical trials at the hospitals of Community Healthcare System, visit or call the Community Cancer Research Foundation, 219-836-6875.