“Freedom Artist” Launches Nation-wide Campaign to Support the Law Enforcement Community

At Thursday night’s Police Commissioners meeting in Dyer, the region’s “Freedom Artist,” Mark Paul John, kicked off a national awareness campaign for those in blue by presenting his latest original tribute painting.

(“Freedom Artist,” Mark Paul John, presents his latest piece in tribute to members of the law enforcement community. Photo courtesy of Jay Stevens)

John came up with latest work titled, “United We Stand,” while working on a mural for the Dyer Police Department’s training room, which Chief of Police David Hein later told the Region News Team after the meeting that the department was very honored to be the inspiration for.

(Latest work is a tribute to the law enforcement.  Photo courtesy of Jay Stevens with permission from Mark Paul John) community.

(Latest work “United We Stand,” is a tribute to the law enforcement community. Photo courtesy of Jay Stevens with permission from Mark Paul John)

“We’re very honored to receive the painting from Mark Paul John today, I think it made the project whole and complete to realize that we were part of it from the inception and I think everybody is very honored to be the first stop on the tour of the “United We Stand” art work.”

As part of a nation-wide effort to get the country behind supporting our law enforcement community, “Freedom Artist,” Mark Paul John, told those in attendance at the meeting that he was going right to the top.

“Well you know we already sent a letter to President-elect Trump last week asking him if we could join up together and have him help us show a support for those in blue by hanging the painting in the White House for a few days.”

His latest piece will next travel to the 9th Precinct on Chicago’s south side, before making stops at police departments in major cities all across the country.

(American Pride. ( “American Pride” Photo courtesy of Jay Stevens with the permission of Mark Paul John)

John earned the distinction of “Freedom Artist,” when he recreated that iconic image of New York City Firefighters hoisting the American flag at ground-zero right after the 9-11 attacks. He has since donated over 700 of the “American Pride” prints to firehouses around the country while auctioning others to charitable organizations, according to his Linkedin page. His “United We Stand” piece, in tribute to law enforcement, followed a 12 series set of paintings dedicated to all branches of the military.

Dyer Chief of Police David Hein, introduces Mark Paul John as the artist presents his work at the Police Commissioners meeting Thursday night: https://soundcloud.com/regionnewsteam/01-19-17-dyer-police-chief-david-hein-with-artist-mark-paul-john-at-dyer-police-dept-js?in=regionnewsteam/sets/news-audio-on-demand-january-2#t=0:00