New Study on Knowing that Concussion is a Brain Injury

A study of high school coaches and athletes about what to do about a player having a concussion reveals only a third understand it’s a brain injury and coaches are the ones most-likely to know how a concussion occurs, reports Westwood One. For this study, athletes, coaches and parents from three high schools in the Rochester, Minnesota, area completed a questionnaire that assessed their concussion knowledge and history. Earlier studies have focused on a single sport, a single subset of sports, a single population, or a single gender. This study is one of the few to examine concussion knowledge across several categories. Senior author Dr. Edward Laskowski, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist and co-director of Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine in Rochester, says they’ll use the information to guide them in concussion education efforts. “By targeting and tailoring the messages to coaches, parents and athletes, our hope is that it leads to a better understanding for all of this significant injury.” The findings appear in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.