New Survey Finds Students Are Not Happy at School

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A new survey finds kids are having a mostly negative experience at school. Westwood One Correspondent John Stolnis reports new survey findings suggest that when asked how they feel during the school day, USA high school students consistently invoke three key feelings: “tired,” “stressed” and “bored.”

The researcher who led the study warns that such negative feelings can influence young people’s attention, memory, decision making, school performance and social lives. “It’s hard to concentrate and it’s hard to do well in school if your brain is constantly having to respond to stress,” said Marc Brackett, a researcher in the Yale University Department of Psychology and director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

The new findings, out today, are from a survey conducted in collaboration with the Born This Way Foundation, the charitable organization founded by the singer Lady Gaga. The survey was supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The student sample is huge: 22,000 high school students from across the USA. The message is clear: our high schoolers are none too happy, at least when they’re in school.