Outdoor Warning Siren Tests to Resume in Lake County

In Lake County, outdoor warning siren tests will resume this Saturday, March 6. 2021, at noon, and will continue the first Saturday of each month. Sirens will remain active for three minutes during each test. An additional test will be done March 16th at 9am Central Time as part of the Indiana Statewide Tornado Drill. Monthly siren tests ensure all activation systems and sirens are operational in the case of actual emergencies. Lake County 911 says outdoor warning sirens, commonly known as tornado sirens or weather sirens, are intended for outdoor notification of the public during dangerous weather conditions or other emergencies. Tornado sightings and tornado warnings are not the only reason for sirens to sound. Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds greater than 80 MPH or large hail will also cause sirens to activate. Local authorities can also activate their community’s sirens for other emergencies when necessary. Officials said monthly siren tests are suspended during cold weather to prevent damage to equipment. Testing will continue through November unless otherwise directed.