Ten-Digit Dialing for Telephone Customers in 219 and 574 Area Codes Begins in April

NITCO says their customers can begin using ten-digit dialing now before it becomes mandatory across the Region later this year. State officials recently announced ten-digit dialing will apply to any area code in the United States that contains a 988 prefix, which locally includes Hebron in Porter County and New Carlisle in St. Joseph County. The FCC is requiring the change to accommodate the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that will be reachable by dialing “988” in July 2022. NITCO also said calls that are local now will remain local.  The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is encouraging everyone in the 219 and 574 area codes to begin ten-digit dialing on April 24, 2021, to start a six-month transition period until it becomes mandatory on October 24, 2021. Region residents are also encouraged to begin making updates where necessary, like on business stationery, websites, voicemail, alarm systems, and pet ID tags just to name a few examples to make sure they all include the area code. Here is a link to NITCO’s website for more information.