Traveling Exhibit, ‘Local Speech, Global Reach’ at Merrillville-Ross Township Museum

A traveling exhibit, “Local Speech, Global Reach”, on loan from the Indiana Historical Society, is on display through Sunday, August 4th, at the Merrillville-Ross Township Museum. On the evening of April 4th, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy made a planned campaign stop in an Indianapolis neighborhood where he delivered an impromptu speech encouraging peace and hope following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. earlier that day. The exhibit explores the impact of Kennedy’s words and King’s legacy on several Indianapolis residents, while also looking at the Civil Rights Movement in Indianapolis, today’s MLK Jr. Park marking the speech’s location, and King’s impact on the National Civil Rights Movement.

The second major element of the exhibit showcases themes brought out in Kennedy’s speech and King’s civil rights work by exploring the lives of several human rights defenders working around the globe. The non-profit advocacy group, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, provided the displayed biographies and images.

The Indiana Historical Society and the Kennedy King Memorial Initiative collaborated on this exhibit to honor the 50th anniversary of King’s death and Kennedy’s speech. This exhibit also comes with free admittance passes to the Indiana State Historical Society Museum in Indianapolis.

The Merrillville museum is located at 13 West 73rd Avenue and is open on Sundays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm through October, except for holiday weekends. For further information, contact Roy Foreman, the historical society president, at (219) 942-8138. You can also visit their website at