U.S. Postal Service Asks Hoosiers to Keep the Path Clear for Holiday Cheer

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reminds all Hoosiers to prepare to “keep your path clear for holiday cheer”. In addition to making sure your mail carrier has a clear path to your door, there are other ways to keep workers safe during the holidays and year-round. Avoid overpacking mailboxes, as a jammed mailbox could contribute to an injury. Visit the USPS website or ask a Postal Service employee for information on restricted items and other information regarding packages. “Safety is important no matter the time of year. But even the most safety-conscious person could forget simple, quick safety checks during the hustle and bustle that is the holiday season,” said USPS Occupational Safety and Health Senior Director Linda DeCarlo. “Try to set aside a few minutes each day to look for, and correct, potential hazards in and around your home. Those few minutes could be the difference between a happy holiday or an unhappy one.”