Indiana Youth Institute Kicks Off Collaborative “Safe Schools and Communities” Initiative

The Indiana Youth Institute is taking action following a flurry of recent school shootings around the country. President and CEO, Tami Silverman, says the institute will begin having discussions with school systems and community organizations to share information about school safety, and to take suggestions from Hoosiers.  She says the initiative will run over the course of this summer.

“Whether it’s a camp, an after-school program, the questions are ‘how do we increase and ensure their safety'”, she said.  “We hope that many organizations across the state will want to be part of the initiative.”

Silverman says—even in school shootings where no one is physically harmed—there can be lasting psychological impacts on students and staff.

“We know when kids do not feel safe, it can affect their physical and emotional health”, Silverman said.  “Even adults who’ve had a similar experience during their school years can remember their traumas in the greatest of detail.  So, we know it has an impact, and we need to address these safety concerns consistently and repeatedly for our kids.”

To involve your school system or community organization in the Indiana Youth Institute’s “Safe Schools and Communities” initiative, there is contact information available at their website.